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Tips for moving...


Don't put packing off until the last minute. Try and pack well in advance so that you don't have to exert yourself for hours on end. Start early and devote a few hours at a time to packing all unnecessary items.


Don't pack important documents, chequebooks, passports, airline tickets or visas.
If you're on a high floor or have any form of access problem then please let us know with plenty of time to spare.
If there are hazards then these also need to be taken into account. Advise your mover of any fragile furniture, weak stairs or any other similar dangers.
Reserve parking for your driver/mover. The van obviously cannot block the street at any time.
Put your boxes and containers against the walls and make sure there are clear paths between boxes. Don't stack boxes haphazardly as this might result in tipping, and with it comes the risk of damage to your possessions and injury.
Where possible disassemble furniture and beds.


Pack these separately. If two lamp shades are adjacent, place a piece of paper between them so they can be pulled apart. Newspaper will mark the shades permanently. Leave normal light bulbs as they are inexpensive, but pack the expensive long life low energy bulbs. Pack table lamps as if they were china.


Wrap oil paintings with a non-acidic clear wrap, then bubble wrap them and place them in a flattened out box with the ends taped securely. Wrap pictures in glass frames in blankets and pack them into picture cartons.


With smaller plants put 5 or 6 in a carton with packing material in between so they don't topple over. With larger plants leave it to your mover to deal with. In winter frost can cause problems on long journeys, especially for more delicate plants. Make sure roots are bagged to avoid loose soil in the back of the van.

China and Glass:

These require great care. Use several sheets of newspaper and layer the bottom of the box. Wrap up the glass and china with white paper and place them in a box. Once done, place more newspaper on top. Repeat the process until the box is full. Individually wrap glasses and place them standing up. Plates should also be individually wrapped but placed on their SIDE. If the box is set down too strongly all of the weight will transfer to the bottom few plates, which could easily break. You might want to use soft items like cushions to provide extra padding. Clearly make cartons with delicate items.

Fridges and Freezers:

Thoroughly empty and defrost these.


Clean these as grease can be dangerous. Gas cookers usually have a bayonet fitting but a plumber may be required. Pack the glass plate out of the microwave and any loose fittings off the cooker.

Washing Machines:

Disconnect these and empty the contents. A drum locking bar should be fitted to automatic machines.

Garden Tools:

Again, these should be cleaned. Use packing tape bound tightly around them to make neat bundles.


You can leave these filled with linen and clothes, but make sure fragile, valuable or plain heavy items are emptied. Drawers in divan beds should be emptied too.


These can be very heavy, so use smaller cartons when possible. You can use larger ones but only go half way, and fill the rest with lighter items so the box is manageable.

Double Checks:

Walk around your house once everything has been loaded. Double check all drawers, cabinets, basements, garages and storage lockers. Remember any ladders, hoses and toolboxes. Take your time and make sure you're absolutely sure before dispatching your belongings.

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